Saturday, October 05, 2013

Some ammunition for "people against cycling infrastructure"

It gives me pleasure to see that the tiny speck of the world I live in is slowly changing to meet me better than half way.

Portland, Amsterdam, Copenhagen are our roll (yes, I did do that) models for what bicycling culture should look like. But even when they talk about money and cycling, things get muddied, worldwide. So I thought I would point to this article to give people at least one factual point for arguing the cause of supporting cycling infrastructure. 

"A study commissioned by Copenhagen’s mayor showed that driving cars offers up a $0.20 net loss for each mile driven, due to congestion, health, accidents and environmental impacts. This is in contrast to the bicycle which offers a $0.35 net benefit to the economy per mile ridden."

I ran into an article about the cost of a paved parking space, per car, but can't find that reference, so if someone comes across that, please post a comment with the reference.

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