Friday, June 28, 2013

A thank you.

Books are lovely to have on a trip, but bicycling and backpacking trips make weight and space considerations come to a head. This year I bought a Kobo book reader, on which I can put hundreds of free classics from Project Gutenberg.

As I was making a case for it and looking through my stuff for some way to keep it closed, I found this patch, probably given to one of our kids by our friend Rick.

This got me thinking...

About all of the people who made my appreciation for the outdoors possible.  I tried to list them off in my head: My parents. They started me camping and backpacking very young. The joys of birds and mosquitos, how to fix a pack, how to paddle a canoe. My partner/husband, who introduced me to cycling and touring. Rick, who taught me to look under the rocks. My children, who taught me to slow down and skip more, even with a pack on and remember how to damn up a stream. My fellow travelers, who taught me new ways to do old things.
Thank you.

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