Thursday, August 02, 2012

Netherlands July 27

We headed out from the campground and backtracked a tiny bit to return to the Oosterschelde water's edge. From there we proceeded to cross the Zeelandbrug bridge, the longest bridge in the Netherlands. The lock at the beginning was interesting, because they built the busy road to shift from one end of the lock to the other, allowing traffic to continue even if the bridge at one end was lifted.
There was the usual crop of wheat, plus a leafy crop which was probably sugar beets and a crop I've never seen before, which Bill thought might be rye. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know.
We came back through Veere, back to its truncated church tower, and had lunch and a desert of inverted ice cream with wee small cones on top.
We showed no  ice cream restraint. Such a tiny little town, with narrow streets and huge delivery trucks.  It was amazing to watch them navigate the streets and intersections. A horse drawn carriage trundled through it all with a bride and groom on their way to city hall.
These three beautiful wooden boats were docked along the canal.  They may be used for excursions in package deals.  The upkeep must be non-stop.

Arriving at 1:45 at the Stayokay castle Domburg, our room was not ready, so we dumped our bags and went out to the beach.  The water was about 50 degrees, similar to Lake Ontario, so we just hung out on the beach until the air temperature dropped too far.
On arriving back at the castle it began to rain; great timing. Showers and the spreading of clothes to dry encompassed the time until we met up with Robbert and his dad, Han.  Dinner was at a Mexican Restaurant in Domburg, in part to get margueritas. Back at the Stayokay castle, Robbert, Bill, Sara and Linda played a game, while I caught up on this blog. Han headed off home. Tomorrow we lose Sara to Robbert, as they work their way back home.
Linda and I had a funky tan competition.  I am not pleased to announce that I won. Kean shoe wearers unite!

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