Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5,000 miles

The odometer on my road bike hit 5,000 miles! Although not all my miles are logged on the road bike, this still warrants a celebration. The snowy days require an admission of resignation to using the mountain bike. When you ride on a mountain bike and then return to a road bike there is a feeling of jubilation. It is like being cooped up in a cubicle and being set free by the clock. You get outside and... Yeah, ok. You get it. This particular odometer was purchased in March 2006. Now it would be interesting to keep track of how many miles are accrued each year to see if the number increases each year. Mileage on my car reached 43,000 (2004).

The odometer is a wired Cateye. Some of the functions remain unused, but most are useful. A note on wireless odometers. My cycling partner for Nova Scotia had his "reset" by a buried "invisible dog fence".

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James said...

Congratulations! Counting down the days until I can ride outside again...too much snow and ice.