Thursday, July 10, 2008

Haha, here is a one day account of the first day by our friend RH. I was a little hard on him. He shaped up superbly.

Hello friends -
I am on this bike ride - the Allegheny Passage - not for the casual rider. 50 miles a day is quite a bit and my first day was a relentless 1%+ grade (doesn't sound like much but for 50 miles you can feel it). Of course I did not train and my legs and backside told me so. But, I am here to report it so that's a good thing. My traveling companions LD, DK, and EK like to travel @ 13 mph. Now, that's a tad fast I think - not huffin' puffin' but lets you know it. Why? There is a reason - limits time on your as_ mostly, which makes sense. LD is the taskmaster. It feels so good to stop. I have enjoyed the scenery though - very good and is shady and not too hot. Mostly cloudy in fact which brings me to why I'm at a computer rather than camping as planned. About 1600 yesterday the sky opened up (and I don't mean the clouds cleared) mucho agua mucho mucho for 1/2 hr+. We rode w/me in the lead at 12mph. Kept warm until we stopped. Got drenched. Our stuff was mostly in plastic and some stayed dry - others not, incl my wallet, (not). Then the sun came out & it was quite nice. We rode on to our planned destination for the night - the longest 7 miles I ever saw! At the little town of Rockwood PA we saw a B&B which looked all so inviting in the late afternoon sun. (lot's of biker's there too - wonder why?) We continued along the trail for 1/2 mile to the chosen CG. Yuck, dark (and wet of course) but 10 smackers P/P and no H2O or showers, pit johns. Had to ride about 3/4 miles for those ammenities (incl. however). I felt they could stick it ___ ___ ___ ___ ____. Went to B&B, no room at the inn. Asked in store - another CG just 3 miles aways (that's a bunch and 'up the hill') - but they had been known to come pick up people - glory be. Called and got a recording. Checked tourist brouchure and after a few other frustrating phone calls (cells don't work by the way) went to the place where the washrooms are for the expensive CG. They had room in their guesthouse (sans breakfast so not a B&B we were told). That was way over 100 greenbacks for 4 dirty bikers but we were stuck. Ride on 10 more miles to another town? Dark clouds now building. LD and I were in the 'it's the principle of the thing' mood. It was getting about 7PM now and our level headed DK said let's get the guesthouse. That done we washed the sand off our bikes and get them under the porch and gear inside before more raindrops fell. Good decision. The room is a whole house! Gameroom w/pool (billiards) in the basement too. Even a computer. Take Care - RH

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