Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Since the summer of 2006, I have vowed to use my car less. I live in a large urban area, relatively flat with long stretches of feasibly bike friendly weather. Yes, I am talking about Buffalo, NY. Unlike many cities, Buffalo is moderately easy to get around on a bicycle, and though it snows, the streets are usually plowed to bare pavement. I have paniers, but am thinking about a used BOB trailer, which has a single wheel. For this reason, they track behind a bike very well, and keep you from sticking further into traffic.
I have been doing a large amount of my shopping via bicycle, though since I only have rear paniers, I also take advantage of a bookbag.

In late summer I managed to purchase a mountain bike to use as a beater in the winter and for bad weather. I paid $35 for a low level Diamondback at a police auction. Amused that the auctioneer ( an officer) stated the chain was shot and the brake broken, I took it home, cleaned it up and reconnected the quick release on the brake. Great find!

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